Q-deliberation results for Nysa and Raciborz published!

Dear Readers,

the journal Land Use Policy (LINK) has published a scientific article presenting the results of our research conducted for residents of the municipalities of Nysa and Racibórz using the Q-deliberation method we developed. We invite you to read the results of our research and congratulate Krzysztof Mączka, the first author of the publication and the originator of this whole endeavor!

Psychological and physical aspects of shaping preferences – new publication!

Dear Readers,

the fruit of our project is another article, in which we present psychological and physical components in forming preferences on urban greenery management using the example of tree cutting. We invite You to read the article on the website of the journal Environmental Science & Policy (LINK), and we congratulate Daria, the first author of the publication, on another success!

Another article published!

Dear Readers,

we have already published our fifth scientific article! We present here a comparison of ways of evaluating ecosystem services in two Polish municipalities: Nysa and Raciborz. In addition, we propose a new research approach to identify the most important ecosystem benefits provided in a community, taking into account the local context.

The article can be found on the Ambio journal website under this link.

As always, we encourage you to read and share the results of our work!

Popularization description of the project results

Dear Readers, 

With the end of last year, the time, although extended, of running our project has come to an end.
We will continue to work on the appraisal of the project results and the publication of the articles, that we plan to make available to the world based on the research conducted in the project.

At this point, we can share with you a popularization description of the results of our project, which is available to read here and in the publications tab. We also would like to invite you to visit our website again, as further publications that are the fruit of our work will soon appear here!

The fourth publication is also on board!

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to announce that another article written by our team has been published. It presents the databases that we have developed based on the materials collected during a series of different research activities.

All databases have also been published in open access on the portal “Most Wiedzy“, where everybody interested in the subject can find them. The published article additionally presents how these databases were collected and presented – you can read it on the Data journal website.

We encourage you to read the article, as well as to further use these databases for scientific purposes!

Another article published!

Dear Readers,

the third article based on the research conducted in our project has already been published.

The article presenting the influence of place attachment on attitudes towards who should decide on the cutting down trees on private land for two types of land is now available for all interested parties at the link.

The article was written with guest contributions from Daria Paniotova-Mączka and Piotr Jabkowski and has been accepted for publication in the Frontiers in Psychology.

We congratulate the authors and encourage you to read it!

Urban Forestry Days

The results of our research are reaching an increasingly wide range of experts. We recently had the pleasure of presenting them at the Urban Forestry Days international conference held March 23-24, 2021.

We presented two video posters at the conference:

You can read more about the conference itself at the link.

We also encourage you to follow the new tab that appeared on the site – publications. It will include all the articles that were written as a result of our research.

The first publication is now available!

Dear Readers,

we are proud to publish the first scientific article based on the research conducted within our project!

It is an article written by our team with Patrycja Przewoźna as the first author. You can read it on the website of Remote Sensing magazine under the link.

We congratulate ourselves on the success and look forward to the publication of other articles on which we are working.

Q-deliberation – meeting summary

Dear Readers,

last week we succeeded in carrying out the Q-deliberation research and organized a workshop for 80 participants from Nysa and Raciborz on valuing tree felling on private land.

We would like to thank all the participants who decided to devote their time to us – we hope that it was a valuable experience and great fun, like for us!

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